Georgia Polocrosse

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What is Polocrosse?


Polocrosse is a game played on horseback similar to polo except that instead of a mallet, the rider uses a racquet (similar to lacrosse).  Each team attempts to move the ball across the field to a goal.  Each team consists of six players.  The game is played in 8 time periods of 8 minutes each called a "chukka".  Three players from each team play at a time.  Every 8 minutes three new players from each team take the field and the previous players take the sidelines.  The three players have definitive roles on the team;  number 1 is the primary offensive player and scores the goals, number 2 is the swing player playing only within the center of the field, and number 3 is the defensive player whose job it is to defend the goal.  In addition to limitations on "how" they play (offensively/defensively) there are also rules as to "where" they may play on the field itself.

Unlike polo, only one horse is allowed to play as changing horses during a tournament is not allowed.  Any type of horse can play and there are no limits as to size, age or breed.  For obvious reasons stallions and horses with vision problems are excluded from play.  

Men, women, and children of all ages and skill levels participate in polocrosse.   Plan now to start your own club and enjoy the fellowship and competition that comes with polocrosse. 

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